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A platform to rethink our thinking around mobility, so we can make choices that will make us better ancestors of future generations.
The Lab of Thought
Lab of Thought

My role as a content director revolves around engaging with scientists and activists through interviews, crafting thought-provoking videos, and curating a monthly newsletter.

Envision this: a platform where academic insight converges with practical business solutions, igniting a paradigm shift in how we perceive mobility. My journey involves engaging in conversations with esteemed scientists and passionate activists, channeling their expertise into compelling interviews. Through visually striking videos, we aim to stimulate discussions that challenge conventions and inspire change.

Adding to this tapestry, I orchestrate a monthly newsletter that serves as a beacon of knowledge, keeping the community informed and engaged. The Lab of Thought isn't just an organization; it's a dynamic force that thrives on collaboration, insight, and a shared commitment to transforming mobility landscapes. I'm honored to contribute to this journey of exploration and innovation.


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